Treading the environment – trade next us

Treading the environment – trade next us

Commissioned by the BEUC – The European Consumer Organisation, a recent report delves into the intricate relationship between the EU’s trade policy and the European Green Deal.

🌍 Environmental Limits and Global Trade Pressures: The EU faces a dual challenge—escalating environmental impacts globally and growing tensions within the global trading system.

🔄 Interconnectedness of Environmental Concerns and Trade Dynamics: Global value chains, integral to Western consumer-driven economies, significantly contribute to environmental and social impacts.

📊 Exploring Less-Explored Aspects: This study delves into less-explored aspects of the relationship between trade and the Green Deal, including World Trade Organization regulations, tariff reductions, and sections on technical barriers and sanitary measures.

📈 Lack of Alignment: According to the report, trade policy lacks sufficient alignment with the Green Deal and, in some instances, is even contradictory to it. While the inclusion of new sections on sustainable development in trade agreements is a positive step, further enhancements are needed for better alignment with the Green Deal.

📘 Read the Full Report:

Authors: Harri Kalimo, Eleanor Mateo, Simon Happersberger, Max S. Jansson, Klaudia Majcher.

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