Deliverable 3.3

Deliverable 3.3

🌍 In the era of globalization, the policies governing international trade have a significant influence on the economic and environmental conditions of nations. As environmental issues gain more attention, it is crucial to understand how trade policies for agricultural and food products impact sustainable development. It is also important to determine the appropriate measures to be taken to achieve a positive effect on the climate and environment.

💡 The objective of Trade4SD deliverable 3.3 is to evaluate the impact of international agricultural trade on the attainment of specific climate and environmental objectives, which are aligned with certain Sustainable Development Goals (primarily Goal 13, but also including other goals related to environmental concerns).

🌱 Deliverable 3.3:

👥: Błażej Jendrzejewski, Jan Hagemejer, Katarzyna Zawalinska, Vitaliy Krupin, Martin Banse, Verena Laquai, Mona Abdelhady, Mavis Boimah, Tamas Revesz, Viet Hoang, Sergio René Araujo Enciso, Holger Matthey

CASE – Center for Social and Economic ResearchThünen-Institut Corvinus University of BudapestUniversity Of Economics Ho Chi Minh CityFAO

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