Deliverable 4.1

Deliverable 4.1

Participation in GVCs enables countries to leverage their comparative advantages, enhancing efficiency throughout production processes. However, since the 2008 economic and financial crises, there has been a noticeable slowdown in globalization, affecting GVCs as well. Recent trends indicate a shift towards more regional GVCs, with shorter distances between production stages, in response to trade disputes, the COVID-19 pandemic, and geopolitical tensions. This deliverable by Attila Jambor, Jeremias Balogh, Sandor Kovacs, Zalan Maro, and Aron Torok from Corvinus University of Budapest explores the evolving nature of GVCs, focusing particularly on agri-food value chains. Utilizing network analysis and inter-country input-output (ICIO) tables, it examines recent trends in GVC participation, the complex structure of agri-food GVCs, and potential future trajectories. By providing insights into the determinants of participation in local and global agri-food value chains, this deliverable serves as a foundation for understanding global trade patterns across various agri-food value chains, informing policy decisions and strategic planning.

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